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Are you looking for an easy to manage and no-risk asset to invest?! Then the social housing property is exactly what you need!

There is no requirement to deal with tenants, as local councils (or housing agencies) are your lessees. This is a hands-off situation with no risk of vacancies or the usual tasks associated with managing property lets. The cash comes directly from local government into your bank account, there is no intermediary.

We offer a portfolio of approved social housing units: houses, and apartments that you can easily agree with local authorities   and housing agencies for long-term leases. Sleep peacefully without worrying about stock markets! Your obligations stop at buildings insurance. There is no local property tax when leases are over 20 years, an added bonus.

Despite a robust economy, a number of financially weak municipalities in Germany have accumulated massive backlogs of capital investment in local public infrastructure in recent years. In addition, Germany accepted nearly 1 million refugees and migrants in 2015, more than any other European Union country, bringing additional challenges for local communities.

Against this backdrop and to address the challenges related to the large influx of refugees, Germany launched an investment programme to support financially weak municipalities, while those operating reception centres for refugees are eligible for increased support.

Key advantages of investing into social housing:

   permanently increasing demand

  publicly subsidised and interest free financing of the acquisition of living units

  guaranteed rental and secure income directly from local authorities