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The size of the living space is essential if you live in an overpriced place. This shouldn't mean any disadvantages in terms of style, comfort and quality of life. Micro apartments are a perfect solution for affordable living space in first-class urban locations and are designed according to the principle “less is more”.

1. Micro apartments serve special target groups and promise a high return if they are used in a manageable manner.
2. Designed for special customer groups and therefore justifies a relatively high rental price.
3. Living concepts that are aimed at the target group are necessary in order to be successful in the long term with micro-apartments as a housing company.

With a significantly reduced living space, a fundamentally new living concept is necessary. After all, it is not possible to set up a room for every situation of the day - sleeping, eating, staying. The new living concept therefore includes the sensible amalgamation of these areas, the combination of several advantages in one place, which does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with a reduction in the quality of life. It is about finding intelligent solutions for small floor plans in order to create an attractive living space despite their unconventional size.

A certain flexibility is a requirement in small living rooms and certain groups of people are happy to accept this if an attractive residential area is offered as compensation. For example, micro-apartments are aimed at young city dwellers (or young people who want to become one) who want to live in the immediate vicinity of their training or work place, the university or the popular trendy district. This group of people does not consider it a restriction if there is a large common area outside the apartment instead of a spacious living room. There are also professionals who want to live far from the city center and need a second home in the center to keep the commute to work as short as possible. In contrast, the small apartments are less suitable for families, pensioners and people in the middle or upper income range.

The micro apartments are also suitable for groups of people who prefer limited rental contracts. This applies, for example, to highly qualified specialists who move to another city for a certain period of time in order to get a well-paid job. People who stay in one place for only a few years or even months generally need less storage space for their personal belongings.